Powering New Possibilities

Power your world like never before with personal wind energy solutions from Southwest Windpower. We offer personal wind turbines for remote (off-grid) and utility-connected (on-grid) homes, sailboats, businesses, municipalities, offshore platforms, telecom towers and more, all of which generate clean, low-cost electricity to help meet your energy needs. Click on the products below to discover all the incredible possibilities our personal wind energy solutions have to offer.

Go Where the Wind Takes You

Take control of your energy needs with Skystream, the personal wind turbine that converts wind into clean, low-cost electricity for your home or business.

Its innovative technology and good old American ingenuity provide you with the power to lower your energy bills, decrease your CO2 emissions and become more energy independent - all from your backyard or parking lot.

Your Personal Source of Clean, Affordable Energy

Off the grid does no't have to mean out of luck. AIR small wind turbines allow you to harness nature's energy to power your day-to-day needs practically anywhere on Earth with sustained winds. The best-selling small wind generators in the world, AIR turbines are ideal for sailboats, RVs, remote cabins and offshore platforms.

Bringing the power of the sun and wind together. Naturally.

Combining wind power with solar is ideal for helping you meet your energy needs. In general, cloudy days tend to produce more wind and calm days more sun, so combining the two creates a perfect complementary system for keeping your batteries charged. AIR systems are ideal wind turbines for hybrid systems with solar to offset those cloudy or wintery periods


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