Take control of your home's energy needs by harnessing a free resource - the wind. How? With a residential wind generator from Skystream. Designed for homes just like yours, the smart, modern Skystream 3.7 converts wind into electricity you can use. It lowers your electric bill by as much as 80%, protects you against volatile electricity prices, reduces your dependence on foreign oil, and produces clean energy that does not affect global warming. Most importantly, it provides independence and stability for you and your family.

Solar energy can be generated in two forms, namely electricity and heat. Solar cells or "photovoltaics" are used to convert solar radiation into electricity. Photovoltaic systems release no greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and they do not even need direct sunlight to produce energy; they just need daylight and this means they can operate even during cloudy and less bright days.

Electricity is generated indirectly too by first generating heat from solar energy and then using the steam produced in the process to run power generators. Here too, since no fossil fuels are being burned to produce heat, the resultant energy to 100% eco-friendly.


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